Thank you for your prayers and support in 2014. It has been a wonderful year for the Timothy II International Ministries which include our Messenger Service to Christian Leaders, Evangelism, and our Ministry to the Saints.

In The Ministry itself:

We were able to move into our New Headquarters in Saddleback Business Park in Laguna Hills on Feb. 15th. With over 20 friends, relatives and Ministry partners, we were able to complete the move within six hours, which in itself is a complete miracle.

This Year our monthly Meetings were Spiritually enhanced with the adding of Theria Hadland as our Worship Leader. Theria not only has a beautiful voice but also plays the Harpsichord, which adds greatly to the harmony and depth of our songs.

We have had a vivid miracle in our Ministry this Year as our Director in the Philippines, Pas Benny Navarro, has fully recovered from a severe stroke.

In The Messenger Service:

In March our Director for Mexico Rev. Daniel Perez was our first guest speaker at our New Headquarters with Pastor Jose Topete interpreting for us. Pastor Daniel shared about his wonderful work with many Pastors of the poor Churches in the mountains of Southern Mexico. These Pastors are being trained with our Teaching Materials and Bibles in Spanish.

In April, Our Director for Northern Mexico Rev. Herminio Castillo visited us and encouraged Timothy II to finish his Book on ‘The Teacher”. When finished, it will complete all of our Books on the “Five Fold Ministry” that are needed for our Leadership Training Program. This I was able to accomplish on June 17th! PTL!

In August, in Brisbane, Australia, Pastor Phil Cropper started a weekly Bible Study with his potential Leaders using the Discourse written by Timothy II on “A Watchman to the Righteous”. He Plans on this taking a Year to complete.

In Oct. Timothy II and Ozzie ministered at a Pastor’s Conference in Tijuana, Mexico. Timothy II taught on part of his Discourse, “A Watchman to the Righteous”. The Pastors enjoyed it greatly and hope to translate it into Spanish. We have also received many invitations to return to Mexico.

In Nov. Missionaries to France, Bob & Jean Mandrioli, visited with us and we had a great time of discussion and fellowship.

In 2014 Our Director for Africa Rev. Awuyo Moses ministered using our materials for Leadership in South Africa, Rwanda, and Burundi as well as in his own country of Uganda.

In Evangelism:

Many souls have been Saved through our Ministry of “People Need the Lord”, especially one on one.

Our Director Rev. Zaw Naing Win in Thailand and Myanmar has been Ministering to the 50,000 people on the border of Thailand who are in the refugee camps. Many have received their Salvation. This was also the first year that the Govt. of Myanmar has allowed him to return to Myanmar.

Team members David and Joan Betts once again this year took 240 children (many who were under-privileged), to a UCLA Football game at the Rose-bowl thanks to Associate A.D. Scott Mitchell.

In The Ministry to the Saints:

This year Ozzie and Toni have continued to supply Karen Machos from South Shores Church the needed items from our Mabuhay Connection for her Ministry to the homeless in Santa Ana. They are also still supplying clothing to the U.S. Marine Corps families at Camp Pendleton and other Military Groups.

Ozzie and Toni have continually been shipping needed items throughout the Philippines, who seem to have continued bad weather conditions.

Over the last 20 Years, Ozzie and Toni’s Mabuhay Connection has sent out a total of over 1,500 Mabuhay Boxes and over 1,000,000 items. It has taken 20 years of perseverance in order to complete giving this many items to the ‘Ministry to the Saints’ and to the poor and needy wherever they are.


Thanks to all who have helped make 2014 a wonderful year! May God richly bless you and your families in this New Year of 2015.


Sincerely, Timothy II and the Team