1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1 (underlined emphasis mine). For EVERY THING The Lord has created A SEASON and a TIME to EVERY PURPOSE.   Have you thought about this lately; What Season are you in? Is it still Time for that Purpose your laboring about? Is the Lord Leading you in Every Thing for the Season He has you in? Is it His Purposes?      The answers to these questions can be difficult to work through or to accept, but critical if we are to fulfill Every Thing and Every Purposes He created us for.  This is especially critical for Leaders. I wanted to encourage you to spend time praying and seeking the Lord, and waiting if necessary, for the right Time and Season for the work(s) and the ministry he has called you to. I will share more later on this biblical truth. However, we have an incredible free book available By Timothy II “THERE IS A TIME AND A SEASON”. It’s not your typical book for a one time reading, it is meant to be used as a Study Guide and Help for the Times And Purposes that confront us in our daily lives. You can download it from our home page under our Studies and Books section. If you have any questions, prayer requests or we can be of assistance please contact me directly at Revdbetts@timothy2.org.  In His Time, Rev Dave