Timothy II Testimony

In 1967, I was in the middle of my career as a “Head Football Coach” in a High School in Southern California.  After having an Undefeated Championship Team during the regular season, and being selected “Orange County Coach of the Year”, my wife’s younger sister was killed in an automobile accident.  Her husband and four children survived the accident.  This sudden shock in the middle of my most exciting coaching year, led my wife and I to ask the Lord into our lives in a small church in Anaheim.  This in itself would be the conclusion of my testimony, if it were not for God’s sovereign intervention.

In 1985, after thirty years of coaching football and winning numerous awards in High School and College coaching, I had a heart attack.  Since 1967, I had been going to Church regularly, attending Bible studies, tithing and reading the Bible daily.  The only problems I had, were alcohol and ego.  It started out with the usual occasional use of alcohol but soon developed into daily use.  When I entered the hospital in 1985, I passed all the physical exams and tests I was given.  The doctors concluded that I had a slight heart attack but it was over and I was fine.  As I was preparing to go home and my wife was coming to pick me up, I had a “ventricular fibrillation” attack in the hospital.  It was at this time that I had a real “Death Experience” as well as an “Out of Body Experience”.

As I fell on the hospital bed, I left my body and went immediately out of this world, through a dark tunnel, and into “Outer Darkness”.  I went ‘floating’ on my back into a ‘black void’ with no sound, in complete blackness, and I knew I was totally separated from God for eternity.  (Job 10:21-22; Jude 13.)  With ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’, I cried out to the Lord and Said:  “Lord!  Let me go back!  I haven’t done anything for you!”  I also said:  “My wife and family aren’t expecting me to die, what will happen to them?”  (Matthew 8:12; 22:13; 25:30.)

I continued ‘floating’ in “Outer Darkness”, weeping and crying out to the Lord.

Just as suddenly as I began ‘floating’ on my back into “Outer Darkness”, I suddenly ‘floated’ back into the hospital room and into my body.  I rose up in my body like it was filling up from the bottom to the top.  When my eyes opened I was lying in front of many doctors and nurses who had responded to a ‘Code Blue’.

After resting for about four hours from this experience, I was lying in my bed and I opened up my Bible to Second Timothy.  It was at this time that the Lord spoke to me audibly.  He said, “My son Timothy, if you do not do My Will, I will remove you from this earth.”  (Jeremiah 28:15-16.)   I answered and said, “I will Lord”.

He then said He named me “Timothy” so that all the work that I do for Him, would be done in this name.  This way, my ego would not get in the way and I would know that it was Him doing the work and not me.  He told me my work is in 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”.  Although this Scripture was about Paul talking to Timothy, the Lord said this was about Him talking to me.  Thus, I have taken the name “Timothy II”.

Some of the things that the Lord told Timothy II to tell the ‘Body of Christ’ was that “He is coming soon, very soon, sooner than you think”.  He told me that the ‘Body of Christ’ needs to know that, in addition to Saving souls, they must Repent from their dead works and backslidden condition.  He also said they need to restore the divided body from envy, strife, etc., and to restore Christian marriages and families.

After this experience was over, the Lord told me to have my sister, who is in the ministry, come and lay hands on me to receive the “Filling of the Holy Spirit”, to give me the ‘Power’ to do His work.  This she did.

Later on, the doctors found out through an angiogram, that my left coronary artery was ninety-five percent blocked and I had to have an ‘angioplasty’ to clear it.  The Lord healed me through this method and I have been fine since.  The Lord completely delivered me from alcohol and also took away the desire for it.

In 1986, I was ordained in the ministry and the “Timothy II Group” was formed.


Timothy II