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Lavona and Timothy II

Lavona and Timothy II

Timothy II is a work of the Lord dedicated to the precepts of 2nd Timothy 2:2.  As a Messenger of the Lord, Timothy II has been Called to commit the things he has heard from the Lord to faithful men and women, who are willing and able to teach others also. Read more…

Timothy II is Founder and President Emeritus.  Timothy II Ministries is incorporated through AIGA, and was established in 1986.

David Betts is the President / Evangelist of Timothy II.  He began working with Timothy while he was still a young College student in 1993.   While on his second overseas Mission trip, the Lord really captured David’s heart and mind with the realization that God can and does transcend local culture and tradition.  He began seeing and experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit.  It’s now been over 20 years of expanding his personal relationship with Jesus through the Scriptures, the teachings and work of Timothy II, as well the local Church.  David is excited about committing what he has learned to other faithful men and women of God.


Since 1986, the Lord has Called “The Timothy II Group” into a “three-fold Ministry”:

(1) A Messenger Service, (2) Ministering to the Saints, and (3) Evangelism.

Through the Timothy II ‘Outreach Ministries’ we are able to provide many necessary resources to help Christian Leaders with such things as Books, Study Guides, Tracts, and Holy Anointing Oil.  These are offered ‘free of charge’.


Timothy II is a member of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies (AIGA).  AIGA was founded by the late Rev. Granville M. Rayl, Th.D. in St. Louis, Missouri on August 2nd, 1962.  This Association gives its ministers accountability, while at the same time, giving them freedom to be led by God through the Holy Ghost.  Today, this once small association of ministers, has grown to thousands worldwide.

Timothy II is a chartered Evangelistic Group officially affiliated with the Association of International Gospel Assemblies (AIGA), Inc. DeSoto, Missouri; and is fully tax exempt by Federal Group Exempt Number 9445 with F.E.I.N. 36-3579090. Please Contact Us if you would like more information with regards to the Timothy II Ministries.

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